It’s probably not widely known that Totnes is twinned with Narnia! Such status seems appropriate to me, for it has a slightly surreal quality. I expect you’ll soon begin to see what I mean.

Dating back to Saxon times, the town predates me by a few centuries (though maybe some would disagree!) and  when Totnes was still walled one way of entering was via this East Gate.

Be warned,  if you dislike hills, that Totnes possibly has more than its share and visitors (plus some residents) tend to puff a bit climbing this one on the main street.

I climb it most mornings after walking by the river Dart to work up an appetite for breakfast. I reach the river via a very steep descent from my home near the castle to the path just beyond Totnes station. There’s a strategy of sorts here, on my circular tour, as returning home along Fore Street is a much cushier option than ascending seemingly vertical Castle Hill from the station!

Here’s ‘proof’ of the twinning I mentioned – found on a postcard in a favorite coffee shop at the top of town.


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