Today the Elizabethans have taken over Totnes Market Square. If I narrow my eyes slightly at the sights I’m seeing I could easily believe that I’d gone back in time to when Totnes reached its peak of importance as a thriving Elizabethan town!

 These current ‘Elizabethans’ have raised plenty of money for charity while also giving their wonderful colour to the town on summery Tuesdays.

I’ve just come home from the market with a lovely bunch of flowers that I gave myself as a reward for going to the gym this morning. (In case you’re wondering, I don’t usually reward myself after a gym session, but succumbed to temptation today!)

Totnes gym is down near the river, so when I’m feeling energetic I can happily combine a session there with my morning walk. But on the days I do that, I have breakfast before, rather than after, walking!

 After a quick lunch it’s off to China Blue, where Kevin will be glamorizing me in his Blue Hair Studio … and, no, he won’t be turning my hair blue. At least, I hope he won’t!


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