Costa Coffee is coming to town – which is not good news for Totnes, as we already have plenty of excellent coffee shops that pride themselves on their individuality, as well as on supporting local sources whenever possible. It’ll be a great shame if existing traders suffer as a result of Costa’s advent. Well, time will tell!

Here’s an example of the individual nature of  ‘my’ town. Where else but Totnes could a red peach, lime and onion be found, side-by-side?

Speaking of coffee, this morning when I visited my favorite coffee shop (at the opposite end of town from what will soon become the Costa end) and sat in the garden, I had unexpected company.

Despite being a fair few miles from the sea (Paignton is probably my nearest beach) Totnes attracts many more than its fair share of seagulls. These ‘urban’ gulls create a dawn chorus that I don’t enjoy at all. It’s loud and raucous and not what I want to hear around 5 am!

They also discourage smaller birds from enjoying my garden and I’m really sad about that. Here’s one of the culprits – who landed on the table next to mine as I sipped my coffee earlier:    

P.S. He seemed to be a non-smoker – or else heeded the sign!


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