The Guildhall

Today I haven’t strayed far from home. Did my usual river-walk this morning, along the bank of the Dart from the station to the foot of Totnes. Then, after buying raspberries to put on my breakfast porridge, I went up Fore Street – passing the empty premises that will house Costa Coffee before long, despite local opposition – up some steps and along cobbled Ramparts Walk between the ancient Guildhall and St Mary’s Church.

Sunshine enabled me to breakfast in my courtyard garden for a change. That was great, except for finding a small dead bird in need of burial. Someone’s cat was the culprit, I expect. To cheer myself up after that sadness, I stayed outside for a while reading ‘A Wanted Man’ – the latest Jack Reacher novel by Lee Child. Glad to say it’s just as compelling as all its predecessors!

Suddenly it was time to stroll down to the Blue Studio, when Kevin worked his usual magic on my hair. We discussed, among other things, the spitting habits in China! Apparently they spit a lot over there – and Kevin should know, as he and his partner are about to visit the country for the third time this year. They go on business, with a bit of holiday thrown in.

This afternoon I strolled uphill for some chiropody. I’ve never been to a chiropodist before, but can recommend it as my feet have felt as if they were floating on air ever since. Finally, I stayed on more or less flat ground (that’s rare, in Totnes!) along the Narrows, where I sat in the south-facing garden of a favourite coffee shop, sipping a Latte and continuing with Jack Reacher.

My excuse for all this idleness? The wet and windy summer has taught me to value every scrap of sunshine!


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