Are there ghosts in Totnes? There are plenty of reasons to think so and I’ll touch on some of these as my Devon Diary advances. Today, though, with the sun shining from a clear blue sky as I walked home from my morning gym session, ghosts couldn’t have been further from my mind.

Then I passed the Museum, which is near the top of Fore Street on the left-hand side if you’re progressing uphill rather than down. It awes me to think that this was built as an Elizabethan merchant’s home back in the sixteenth century (around 1575, to be more or less precise) and that people have been passing it (or going in) ever since.

Just imagine all the changing scenes in the intervening years and the numbers of people who’ve seen approximately what I saw this morning! That is awesome, don’t you agree?

Apparently, the man who ran it as a teashop before the Borough Council bought it in the 1950s and turned it into a museum was convinced that it was haunted by two ghosts – a man and a woman. Would they have been the Elizabethan merchant and his wife, unhappy at their old home being invaded by strangers?

We’ll probably never know – but who could blame them, if so?




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