I was in Axminster yesterday, having lunch with my youngest daughter in that branch of celebrity chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s eaterie, River Cottage Canteen. It was a good experience overall and we both loved the ambiance – as well as the integral delicatessen that we shopped in afterwards. However, I didn’t think the wild boar burger with its accompanying chips, miniscule salad garnish and Ciabatta was all that special. I’ve had better burgers elsewhere (not necessarily wild boar!)

Today I’ve stayed closer to home, meeting a friend for coffee in the historic Royal Seven Stars Hotel at the foot of Totnes, and then heading for the Civic Hall where I go to my dance class. It isn’t dance, exactly – more movement to music a la Isadora Duncan. Not that those of us in the class remotely resemble Isadora – but Margaret, who lived from 1891 until 1980 was ahead of her time in devising a technique that became known as the Margaret Morris Movement.

She based this on the six Classical Greek dance positions taught to her around 1909 by Raymond Duncan, brother of Isadora. My fellow pupils and I find that these classes keep our limbs in good working order – and we have fun in the process, thanks to our teacher Ruth Oatey’s expertise!



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