Like I said, I’m back from Shropshire almost before I’d left! Nevertheless, Telford made an impression – and I made a vow not to visit the town again! That’s because there didn’t seem to be a town. As far as I could tell, Telford simply consists of a gigantic shopping mall.

And, compared to Totnes, it was soulless. Added to that, I was ticked off by a man in uniform for photographing this clock (the only thing I could find worth photographing). Apparently there are notices within the mall telling people that photography is prohibited ‘for security reasons’. However, as I’d entered via a House of Fraser store, we could agree on the fact that I hadn’t actually passed such a notice! So I was in the clear – innocent of any bad intent. But I couldn’t carry out my plan to snap the other half of the clock. This half will therefore have to suffice. Obviously, after such a saga, I hope you’ll like it!

I’ve no wish to malign Telford. Its International Hotel, where I stayed, was great and its International Centre, where I spent much of Saturday, was okay. I expect I just managed to miss all the other good bits. And lots of the Shropshire scenery is magnificent.

But it’s SO lovely to be home again in Devon, amidst the special quirkiness of Totnes!

P.S. Yes, that’s a frog on the top!


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