This morning on my pre-breakfast walk there was no possibility of sitting and surveying the scene. The Dart had widened overnight and here you can just about see all that is visible of the seat where I occasionally take my ease!

Actually I had no time for sitting there anyway as Tom, my wonderful computer-genius, was due soon to sort out new web security for me. This he did with a minimum of fuss, explaining everything in a way that even I could understand easily.

So I was free quite quickly to head off toward Dartmoor where I wanted to take a look at Squire Cabell’s tomb in Buckfastleigh Churchyard. Said to have sold his soul to the Devil, the Squire is buried in the churchyard but his tormented soul cannot find rest. A great huntsman, his tomb is surrounded on stormy nights by phantom hounds that fill the air with their unearthly howling.

Needless to say, I went there on a sunny afternoon rather than by the darkness of night … but, even so, I experienced a sense of dread as I located the place where the Squire is trying to rest. Some locals have claimed that his ghost occasionally emerges from the tomb to hunt, with his phantom pack, along a nearby track known as the Abbot’s Way. It is also claimed that glimpsing his ghost brings death within a year.

I’m glad to report that I didn’t glimpse him or his hounds! Speaking of which, Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Hound Of The Baskervilles appears to have been based on the legend of Squire Cabell.

Squire Cabell’s Tomb


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