After my morning gym-session today I met up with a friend in the walled garden of  a great Totnes coffee shop to enjoy, along with our Lattes, some lovely autumnal sunshine.

Although several miles from the coast we were soon joined at the next table by this seagull, who certainly seemed to think he had been invited. Acting, in fact, as if he owned the place he strutted arrogantly about with a decidedly aggressive glint in his eye. We were just relieved to see him taking note of the No Smoking sign, as a seagull with a cigarette in his beak might have been a slightly unnerving sight!

Much later, my work for the day done, I went for a walk across Blackpool Sands and wondered for the umpteenth time why it has the name it has. As you can see from this close-up I took of the beach, the ‘sand’ is not actually sand! But isn’t it attractive – and aren’t the varieties of little pebbles absolutely infinite?


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