A rat infestation in Totnes? How can that be happening? I’m glad to say that the  rats are a human variety, dressed appropriately to mingle with drivers using the town as a rat run. Here’s a picture of one that I just managed to grab (the photo, not the rat!) as she cycled up the High Street hill. I wish you could see the full extent of her face-paint.

So why are we being infested? We’re having a car-free day in the hope of persuading motorists that perhaps they shouldn’t be driving up our beautiful High Street. Will it have the desired effect? Who can tell? But at 11.30 am the poet and humourist Matt Harvey will be cutting a ribbon to declare the road shut to all traffic other than emergency vehicles and bicycles.

That might be a bit late in the day, as you’ll see from this picture taken at the time shown:


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