This morning, passing the station as I set off on my river walk, I met a young couple who’d just arrived by train. It’s funny, isn’t it, how one thing can lead to another? They asked me if I could direct them to the Rowing Club and after I’d done so, the girl said that she was due to swim to Dittisham around 11.30 in the Dart 10K.

Finding this intriguing I made my way down to Steamer Quay shortly before 11.00 and watched in awe as swimmers galore began entering the river to swim ten kilometres from Totnes to Dittisham. Some just wore swimsuits but most of them were (wisely, in my view!) wearing wetsuits as they set off in batches, starting with the slowest and ending with the ‘elite squad’.

I gathered that they were each paying in the region of £80 for the ‘privilege’ of taking part – and many were also being sponsored to raise money for their chosen charities. Bless them all for their enthusiasm and stamina! I’d say I’d have liked to be in the cold water with them – but if I said that I’d be lying! Besides which, I think that swimming ten kilometres would probably kill me. My sister once swam the English Channel. I watched her set off and was there to greet her return. But I whiled away the interim in far more pleasurable pursuits than swimming. (No, I’m not saying what those were!)

This afternoon at five o’clock I went with a friend to see Keira Knightley and Jude Law in ANNA KARENINA at the Barn Cinema, Dartington. The Barn is just to the left of the archway in this picture: a lovely venue for film going. However, we weren’t too impressed with this one. It caused us both to wonder whether Keira can actually act!


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