Yesterday, had all gone according to plan, I would have been visiting Agatha Christie’s house near Dartmouth. Instead, I had a wonderful time on glorious Dartmoor! What went wrong with the original plan? Just that from 1st October Greenway is apparently closed to the public on Mondays! Glad I found that out before driving to Dittisham and taking the ferry across the Dart …

I headed instead initially for Dartmeet – the picturesque place where the West and East Dart rivers meet by an ancient clapper bridge. There had been heavy rain overnight, so the rivers were in full flow, giving off an incredible degree of energy that was exciting to see.

Beneath a clear blue sky, I felt that I was seeing a portion of Paradise! But after a while I moved on because the whole Moor was spread out around me and it was a perfect day to revel in all its glory.

I’d already passed the pretty Tavistock Inn (which is miles from Tavistock, incidentally) and now I was passing Dartmoor ponies grazing nonchalantly, as well as granite tors rising darkly in contrast to the gentle Devon contours surrounding them. These weird stacks (the remnant core of an ancient mountain range) have been shaped across the centuries by heat and cold, wind and rain.

They have great names, such as Feather Tor, White Tor, Crow Tor, Beardown Tors, Swell Tor and Kings Tor. I’ll be bringing you pictures of a few of these soon.

My ultimate destination was the Peter Tavy Inn, in the village of the same name. I had to proceed along a very narrow lane to reach it and there was a horsebox coming up the lane, necessitating some very stressful uphill reversing, but all was well in the end – and I had a delicious lunch, sitting in the sunshine. While I ate nearby church-bells started ringing melodiously as a bride and groom emerged from the village church. Lovely, lovely day!





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