Isn’t it interesting how our past and present are somehow intertwined? I’ve been vividly reminded of this twice recently – first in Cornwall and then in Devon.

Zennor is a small coastal village between St Ives and St Just in Cornwall and it was there that I found the Zennor Plague stone pictured above. Imagine, if you can, a time when a stone such as this one was relied on to keep the deadly Plague at bay!

(In case you can’t see all the words on the plaque, here they are:

Was positioned here at the boundary of Zennor Churchtown during the outbreaks of disease.

The depression in the centre was filled with vinegar. Money that changed hands between villagers and outsiders would be placed in the vinegar and thus disinfected.

The main cholera epidemics in Cornwall 1832 & 1849.’)

In a very different vein, when walking near glorious Noss Mayo in Devon, I came across this notice giving the various fares for transporting quite a selection of passengers and goods across the river. How glad I am that these things are preserved, giving us a glimpse of how things once were!


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