Yesterday my walk by the River Dart here in Totnes was amazing! After a frosty night there was a mist rising from the river, giving the scene an ethereal quality.  Added to this, the sky was a clear blue and the leaves that had fallen overnight from the trees formed an autumnal carpet for me.

I found myself giving thanks for where I live (something I often seem to be doing) as I approached the picturesque old bridge at the foot of town and then started up Fore Street. There I encountered Chris and Andy from Totnes Television & Electrical, who were in the process of putting up the Christmas lights – a task they perform annually, with apparent pleasure. Cheerful as ever, Andy was up their ladder and Chris was taking a turn directing procedures from ground level.

Once we’d exchanged greetings I climbed higher toward the Market Square, where traders at the Food Fair held in Totnes on the third Sunday of each month were setting up their stands. I do hope the owner of the rear view pictured here at this colourful stall will forgive me for not waiting till he (she?) was facing the camera before clicking my shutter – but I was in a hurry to get home and have breakfast.

That said, I couldn’t resist delaying long enough to buy a wonderful homemade fish pie from a stand where they also make and sell the tastiest fish cakes imaginable. It provided me with a simply scrumptious lunch!

Where better to be than Totnes on Sunday?


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