This morning as I walked before breakfast along the riverbank I saw storm clouds gathering yet again. The Dart was very swollen from all the recent rain and some of its banks had vanished beneath the fast-flowing water.

Looking from the old bridge across Vire Island (which mostly disappeared beneath the river yesterday, only to reappear today) I could see the (red brick) terraced house where my hairdresser, Kevin, and his partner live. As this is lapped by the river, I couldn’t help wondering how they fared yesterday and whether they were able to keep all the water at bay. No doubt I’ll find out when my hair next needs Kevin’s attention!

I also keep wondering how much more rain there can possibly be in those clouds that keep gathering above us. But it was a joy to see the rainbow that seemed to rise from the Clock Tower as I returned home up Fore Street. A rainbow over Totnes has to be a positive thing, doesn’t it?

After listening to the weather forecasts and ongoing flood warnings for Devon and Cornwall, my daughter and I have now abandoned our plans to meet up in Looe tomorrow. Sometimes it seems best to err on the safe side – and now that I have more time on my hands than expected I’ve just been doing as she requested and checking out her new website: www.feng-shui-tips.co.uk. Maybe I’m biased – but I found it rather impressive!

And, needless to say, Joanna has feng shui’d me (my home, at least) …  I must mention that the results to date have been wonderful.




2 responses to “RAINBOW OVER TOTNES

  1. Hello, Just wanted to say I am browsing through your posts and enjoying them very much. I just moved to Totnes last month and your blog is helping me to discover this town and its surroundings. Thank you and I look forward to more 🙂

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