Have you ever visited Paignton in the rain? That’s what I did today after working out in the Totnes Pavilion gym and, as you can see from the picture, its beach was a bit damp and dismal! So I didn’t linger there, setting off instead for one of the best cups of coffee in the South West.

That, at least, is my opinion of the coffee they make in Café Tutto! Nestling unexpectedly amidst all the amusement arcades, this Italian café really does serve wonderful coffee. After my Latte I felt much better equipped to face the day.

I then went to Totnes station to enquire about trains to Paddington as I’m meant to be meeting my sister in London this Thursday for some Christmas shopping. But, thanks to all the flooding in our region, the Penzance to Paddington train has been unable to run for some days and the stationmaster couldn’t yet tell me when it will be running again. He said he might know by Wednesday afternoon whether it will be back in service by Thursday …

Ah well, my problems are few (virtually non-existent) compared with all the poor people whose homes and/or businesses are flooded! So I’ll simply be philosophical and hope for the best, while preparing my sister (who lives in less flooded Dorset) for the fact that our plans will need to stay in a state of suspended animation till Wednesday.

Finally, for today, I’ll just mention my thankfulness for having photographed the glorious carpet of leaves on the river-bank in Totnes before the deluge came to turn them all to pulp!



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