Yesterday I had the inspired idea of inviting four friends to join me for breakfast at Turtley Corn Mill. They were two couples who had never met before and of course I was a bit concerned as to how well they would hit it off. But it turned out that they had lots in common and long before we’d finished our delicious meal it seemed as if they’d known one another simply forever.

Part of my thinking in inviting them was that we’ve all been somewhat restricted recently by the torrential rain and floods, so it would be good to be ‘out and about’ enjoying good food in a beautiful venue. I must admit that the Mill didn’t look quite like it did when I took these pictures, back before our rainy season! There was in fact a torrent of water running down towards the entrance, but fortunately it flowed on past the actual door …

So we were able to kind of sidestep it and enter without getting wet feet.

Now I’m back ‘on the case’ of whether or not it will be possible to reach London by train tomorrow. The latest news is that the Penzance to Paddington service might be resumed sooner than expected, in which case there’s a strong possibility that my train will run at 8.16 am (or thereabouts) tomorrow – with a 30 minute (or so) delay at Exeter because the signaling system (inactivated by flood water) won’t be reinstated for about two weeks.

It seems nothing definite will be known until sometime tonight – so till I ring at 7 am tomorrow I still won’t be sure whether or not my sister and I will be enabled to meet.

Well, whatever will be will be …



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