Tragos001There’s a shopping experience virtually on my doorstep that’s like no other! Near to Newton Abbot, a little along the Devon Expressway from Totnes,  Trago Mills is located.  As you can see from its exterior, it is no ordinary shop – and once inside there is almost nothing that you can’t find. Sorry about the double negative, but Trago’s brings out some odd traits in me!

Created by a man totally opposed to the UK being absorbed within Europe, it aims to give endless choices of merchandise – whether it be clothes, furniture, household items, paint, kitchens, carpets or bathrooms – at the cheapest possible prices. And it pretty much succeeds in its aim!

I went there today looking for a bed and ending up with some cut price stationery. It’s all great fun – though I don’t recommend a visit when the whole world seems to be there at weekends!

Here’s another view of it. Oh, and peacocks stroll freely between tables by the cafes in the extensive grounds …





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