Jonathan Dimbleby leads protest march

We had TV presenter Jonathan Dimbleby in Totnes on Tuesday, leading a protest march about the adverse effects on trade of the Experimental Traffic Order enforced a year or so ago. About 300 protesters turned out in opposition of the current one-way traffic system through the town centre, which they claim is responsible for a rise in traffic accidents as well as the closure of several businesses.

The Totnes Traders Action Group organised the event after a study found that about 50% of businesses had suffered a drop in trade since the reverse system was introduced. And 74% of shopkeepers said they don’t like the system.

Well, campaigners have now called on local politicians to support an immediate overhaul of the traffic order tomorrow, when the South Hams Highways & Traffic Order Committee meets to decide whether or not to keep the ETO in place till 2016.

Apparently the town council would like it changed, but the officers due to make the decision don’t live in Totnes! Let’s hope that Jonathan Dimbleby and his fellow protesters win through in the end.




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