Just throwing in a mention that four of my novels are FREE on Amazon today and tomorrow! Simply click on the book-covers for more info. Here’s a clue to help you: one of the free books was co-authored by my dog (who has his own Blog). In fact, Sam needed very little input from me!

Touching on the subject of the protest march through Totnes last Tuesday:  it didn’t achieve the desired result. When the Traffic Committee met on Friday, they voted to keep the existing traffic system pending a further review in 2016. A pity in some respects, except that many people feel the traffic flow is best kept as it is – especially those with concerns about preserving our beautiful medieval buildings, which were coming under intense pressure when cars used the through-traffic facility as a short-cut and, often, a rat-run!

Exeter Cathedral

My afternoon in Exeter, between train journeys through Dawlish on Thursday, was great. It was sunny for a change and people were making the most of the sunshine, relaxing in the cathedral grounds or having tea nearby.

I had a Latte at the Boston Tea Party. I adore their coffees – and all their food, which is ethically sourced and affordable. They are focused mainly in the South West, which their owner describes as their spiritual home, but have recently opened up in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Sometimes, en route to visit my youngest daughter in Dorset, I call in for a coffee and snack at their Honiton shop. It never disappoints!

Tea in Exeter

Have a great Sunday!


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