Curiouser & Curiouser

Living in Totnes sometimes feels a little like living in Wonderland – so it isn’t wholly surprising to find a shop called Curiouser & Curiouser along its main street! They serve teas and coffees in here, as well as selling various items associated with Lewis Carroll’s Alice.

Did I ever mention that Costa Coffee tried to come to Totnes, but failed because it was considered that we already had more than our fair share of coffee shops? Besides which, Totnes tries very hard to hold on to its individuality by giving priority to local, rather than national, enterprises. The Fat Lemon Cafe and Tangerine Tree Cafe are two highly individual such shops that spring readily to mind.

Well, the rather large premises that Costa Coffee would have occupied near the foot of town have remained empty for quite some while now and have looked increasingly unloved as time has gone by. Now, though, there is sudden activity there – suggesting that something is afoot and that the premises are unloved no longer!

So I’m keeping my eyes open and hoping to know more soon …


2 responses to “TOTNES – A WONDERLAND?

  1. I love the Curiouser & Curioser shop in Totnes and would like permission to use it in a children’s climate education book I am working on. Please contact me: carolynmuire AT mac DOT com

  2. Hi Carolyn, Just letting you know that I have now contacted Miles and Kate, owners of Curiouser & Curiouser, telling them of your interest and giving them your contact details. Good luck with your project. P.G.

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