Sorry to report that the Totnes Cats’ Cafe no longer exists. It has had to close owing to illness, which is rather sad. Vintage Living has gone from the High Street too – but still exists at their warehouse in Brook’s Yard on the Totnes Industrial Estate. They had their grand re-opening last Saturday, giving visitors a free scented rose with every purchase. We miss their town presence, but wish them well in their new home.

Stolen From Susie

Speaking of new homes, Stolen From Susie has moved into Vintage Living’s old premises. Stolen From Susie (fabulous handbags and scarves) used to be further up the ‘Narrows’ at the top of Totnes, with its sister shop Susie & Me (fab fashions) opposite. Now the two businesses (run by Susie, her husband and daughter) have come together as Stolen From Susie And Me – and are well worth a visit!


2 responses to “TOTNES CATS’ CAFE – GONE!

  1. Thank you so much for the lovely photo and review of Stolen From Susie! Would you mind if I shared this post and your blog on our facebook page?

    Lucy @Stolen From Susie x

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