Barrel HouseThe Barrel House, Totnes, is an interesting establishment. Having said that, most establishments in this town are interesting for one reason or another!

Situated quite near to Happy Apple (the shop where, from dawn to long past dusk, you can buy more or less anything food-related) it serves coffees and meals downstairs in a fairly normal-looking environment. Upstairs, though, there’s an altogether different world. It’s a kind of ballroom, with over-the-top chandeliers – and lots of squishy sofas to loll on. They serve food and drinks up there too and people can ‘chill’ to their hearts’ content in a wholly relaxed atmosphere.

Periodically there’s entertainment, though I haven’t really looked into that yet. It’s something I must do, come to think of it!

Oh, I’m nearly forgetting to mention why, for me, today is Good News Day! I received an email from Amazon Kindle this morning telling me that SAM’S STORY: It’s A Dog’s Life is Number One in its category for freebies. How thrilling is that?! Here, if you’re interested, is its LINK.


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