Totnes MarketFridays are Totnes market days – oh, and Saturdays too! And, now that I come to think of it, on the third Sunday of every month – taking place in the same square – we have Totnes Good Food Days!

Yes, we’re very blessed here with our farmers’ markets and with all the stalls selling a huge variety of things, from fish, fruit and vegetables, meat, game, bread, olives and so on to clothes, crafts, antiques, jewellery and jeans. Whatever the weather, these traders turn out for our pleasure (and their livelihood) week after week and month after month, lending colour and an added sense of community to our very special town.

On the Good Food Sundays every kind of scrumptious fare is available, from hot curries and a whole variety of Asian dishes to home made fish-cakes and actual cakes and gateaux. I seldom cook on the 3rd Sunday of the month. I just walk round the corner (yes, I’m lucky enough to live a short walk from the heart of Totnes) and choose my lunch from the endless choices on offer.

Totnes market days are definitely days to celebrate. And you just never know who you might see there, adding their unique brand of colour (and music) to an already colourful scene!

Street musician (2)


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