Alf Resco's DartmouthIn a sense I feel I shouldn’t be letting you in on this secret but, yes, when you’re next in Dartmouth I recommend that you head for Alf Resco’s – a great place for breakfast (or brunch)!

There’s nowhere else like it that I know of. It has an ambiance that’s second to none and when I was there this morning with a friend – after first walking along the edge of the Dart to Dartmouth Castle – a guitarist was playing, adding to the intimate atmosphere.

I first heard about Alf’s when house-hunting in Dartmouth a few years ago (before deciding to move to Totnes). Asking an estate agent who had just shown me over a potential new home if he could suggest anywhere for lunch, I received the answer: “There’s only one place to go – Alf Resco’s!”

I doubt I’d have found it but for his recommendation, as it’s a bit hidden in a side street, but I’m so glad I did – and I’ve been returning periodically ever since. I shan’t attempt to describe it to you since my description could be off-putting and certainly couldn’t do it justice. If you go there, I think you’ll agree. I also think you’ll enjoy your meal. Say “Hi!” to Alf from me …


Looking across to Kingswear from Dartmouth

Oh, by the way – Happy New Year! May 2015 bring you all you wish for.


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