Mary WesleyThere was some excitement in Totnes recently when Mary Wesley’s youngest son, London literary agent Toby Eady, visited Camomile Lawn – the new  housing development named after his mother’s famous book – and officially launched two show homes there. He said how impressed he was with the homes and their stunning views.

As many of her fans will know, Mary lived in Totnes until her death in 2002 and loved it here. She would have been a near-neighbour of mine, had I arrived sooner than I did (in 2008) because I can see her old home from my bedroom window. She lived just beyond my back garden’s boundary wall.

Ancient Totnes is a curious mixture of twists and turns, with little cobbled pathways leading sometimes to surprising places. I never cease to marvel at the number of ‘hidden’ properties only found via secret alleys – many of these located behind doors in Fore Street and elsewhere. There’s a private door in the street close to my home that takes you not into a property but into one such alley, locating some of these hidden homes and then going beyond them to the very heart of Totnes.

Here in Totnes it’s best to expect the unexpected!


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