I’ve just been shopping in Happy Apple. It’s about fifty yards from my front door, along Apple Lane and just beyond the Red Wizard Café. In case you’re wondering, it sells other things as well as apples. I can hardly think of any food (or drink) it doesn’t sell. Which is simply great, as it also opens early and stays open till late!

I went there after choosing a photo-frame in Out Of The Blue (which sells everything under the sun besides photo-frames). One of the many things I love about Totnes is the vivid individuality of its shops and streets – plus the interesting characters I meet.

The rustic frame I chose gives two heart-shaped windows in which I’ll be displaying photos of my two daughters. It’s a while since I printed photos to put on the wall. They’re mostly stored in my computer. That’s sad in a sense, although I know it’s ‘progress’ in another sense.