One of the many things I love about living in Devon is that I’m still so close geographically to Cornwall, where I left part of my heart when I moved from Falmouth to Totnes just over 4 years ago.

I go back there often, as it only takes me about half-an-hour to the Tamar Bridge, and was there last week visiting my daughter who lives near beautiful St Ives. That’s why I was briefly absent from My Devon Diary! (Only in a physical presence, though – not in my mind!)

Here’s a little glimpse for you of St Ives Harbour, where it’s essential to watch out for the greedy gulls who think nothing of swooping down and stealing food (whether a sandwich, ice cream or whatever) from the hands of the unsuspecting. I took a picture of one of the culprits for you! As you can see, he has positioned himself on the roof of the Ice Cream Kiosk and is ready to swoop …