For the last few days we’ve had rain, rain and still more rain! Our dramatic weather forecasts for the past 72 hours have been filled with storm warnings and we had 35 flood alerts yesterday. On last night’s local news for the South West we saw extraordinary pictures of the sea ferociously assaulting our coast (Cornwall’s and Somerset’s too!), of rivers overflowing, the Grand Western Canal and some bridges collapsing, power cuts – and of people’s homes and businesses being awash with water.

All this (together with the recent hurricanes in the USA and elsewhere) is a stark reminder, isn’t it, of the sheer force of Nature? I think it also reminds us of our powerlessness at such times.

Do you agree that that can be a good thing periodically? There are moments when it’s tempting to feel self-important – that we are in control and that man has the upper hand. But does he? Do we?

Those are, of course, questions for which we each need to find our own answers. All I know is that storms such as these fill me with awe – and, strangely maybe, with a sense of being protected. Perhaps I’d feel differently if I were ever to find myself directly in a hurricane’s path (and my heart certainly goes out to all those whose lives or property are endangered). I think, though, that I’d still be awed – still sense a higher hand at the helm.

Me, oh my, this deluge in Devon is certainly having a profound effect!

Is this swan saying: “I like the results of rain.” ?




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